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A MUST-DO  for anyone involved in Cash handling & valuables position - ARMED ROBBERY CAN HAPPEN AT ANYTIME

                                         DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO TO SURVIVE?

Ensure business owners' and staff awareness of armed robbery awareness and actions to improve their ability to handle an Armed Robbery situation. There is an obvious need for an effective education process.

Regal Security and Industry Training RTO No. 32331 is proud of its reputation in the delivery and assessment of nationally recognised programs, courses, industry security function and weapons safety licence refresher courses to exceed client, student and QLD business and community responsive safety and security confidence and expectations. We know what you and your employees need to know from our own security staff experience and industry forums. Call us for an initial enquiry - we're passionate in contributing to self personal safety and awareness in the event of an attempted or armed robbery event.

 In the past, robbery, albeit a highly violent offence, was reasonably straightforward and rewards were high. Now, with upgraded security measures including Increased sophistication of CCTV (closed circuit television) video surveillance and often a security guard presence is a stronger deterrance of armed robbery for a much smaller return for a greater increase in effort and risk.

The fact that financial institutions are hard targets, with a fall in the street-price of addictive drugs, has sent today's armed robber searches for softer targets to supply the cash to service their addiction and/or circumstances. Now, small shopkeepers, petrol stations, fast food outlets, liquor stores, pharmacies, video rental outlets and many more, are falling victim to armed robbery.

Preparing your staff to cope in a robbery by providing professional training, means:

  • You enhance employer compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and Common Law obligations, providing protection in the event of lawsuits or investigations.
  • Contributing to reducing risk of injury physical and psychological to staff and, importantly, customers if a robbery occurs in the workplace.
  • Imparting vital skills to employees, which can help reduce the effects of stress, which may be experienced in a robbery.

Using specialised and highly trained instructors guarantees the 4 hour course is delivered in a professional and credible manner, capturing the attention of people taking the course and making the material memorable.

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