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Approved Firearms Safety Course

10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety replaces the superceded 30989QLD Course in Firearms Safety as a mandatory QLD firearms safety course training requirement for licence application purposes.

Regal Security and Industry Training RTO Provider No. 32331 is an approved training provider of 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety that has been specifically designed and developed by the Queensland Police Service QPS Weapons Licencing Branch. 

Course Overview

  • Our industry professionals with several years’ experience in the safe handling of firearms for occupational, recreational, sports and specific weapons licencing requirements deliver the 1 day course comprising of interactive theory and practical with fire range attendance for live fire assessment.
  • A detailed overview of QLD weapons legislative requirements, safety, storage and transportation leading to specific handling skills, knowledge and awareness of self and others safety – our instructors share their own real life experiences, for memorable safety weapons course participation
  • Suitable clothing - closed-in shoes, comfortable fitting long pants and top recommended for shooting range live fire assessment component of the course

Course and Licence Requirements

Pre Requisites to apply for a Queensland Weapons Licence and meet the following criteria:

  • Must be over 18 years of age, or persons 11 to 17 years of age may apply for a Minor's Licence
  • Are a resident of Queensland, with proof of address required in the application process
    • Are a fit and proper person and have not, within the past five years, been convicted of a disqualifying offence including misuse of drugs, misuse of weapons, the use or threatened use of violence, or been the subject of a domestic violence protection order.
    • Have a genuine reason for a licence, and able to demonstrate appropriate training in the safe use of firearms; and
    • Have access to secure storage

Please contact us - we are highly reputable in the delivery and assessment of security weapon courses to meet QLD Weapons Licence requirements.

See our Google Review feedback from weapon course accredited participants.

Units of Competency

  • WSCQPS001A Demonstrate knowledge of firearms legislation, firearm & community safety
  • WSCQPS002A Demonstrate the safe use of Category A and Category B firearms
  • WSCQPS003A Demonstrate the safe use of Category C firearms
  • WSCQPS004A Demonstrate the safe use of Category D firearms
  • WSCQPS005A Demonstrate the safe use of Category H firearms

Regal Security and Industry Training are able to package Units to meet Category licencing requirements for Business, Groups, Individuals and Minors:

Category A, B and H

The Category A, B and H course is suitable for firearms use in Sports/Target Shooting, Recreational, Collecting Firearms and Occupational e.g animal controllers, rural employee/primary production:

Firearms include: Air Rifles, Paintball Guns, Lever Action and Pump Action Rifles, Semi-Automatic Pistols and Revolvers, Muzzle Loading Firearms, Bolt Action and Single and Double Barrel Shotguns

Category C and D

The Category C and D Firearms is suitable for specialised use for occupational / licence function requirements including primary producers, pest controllers, firearms dealers, armourers, instructors and theatrical ordnance suppliers.

Firearms include: Semi-Automatic Rifles, Semi-Automatic and Pump Action Shotguns

Minors Licence options:

Sports or Target shooting – Category A, B or H; Primary production on rural land – Category A or B;  Clay target or occupational – Category C. Conditions apply

Check your category requirements for applicable licence requirements, or call us to discuss


A Statement of Attainment detailing the category of weapon/s competently attained will be awarded upon successful completion of this course, meeting licence application pre-requisite training requirement in the safe use of firearms


The Weapons Licencing Branch of the Queensland Police is responsible for the licence application process with support documents required and application fee payable at lodgement. Course certification must be within 12 months for weapons licence application purposes


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Category A & B: $150          Category A, B & H: $200         Category H or C or D: $150 each

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